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Simple Exercises for People Who DON’T Like Exercising

simple exersice

The number one question most people dread and often lie to answer is how often and intense their exercise regimen is. For those who hit the gym daily, also known as athletic enthusiasts, the answer is confident and with great pride. Since they put in the work, they answer quickly and want to be recognized for their efforts. And for the rest of the world who don’t put in daily and dedicated effort, they answer slowly, thinking about it, and trying to figure out how to sound less lazy and more active.

Unfortunately, the truth is reflected in the increase of obesity in the world. This has, also, been linked to a rise in depression and mental health issues in the world. Which is why medical offices inquire about health as much as schools are starting to. And, though most people are not enthusiastic about exercising, there are some simple things that surprise most people because they are normal and yet, still considered exercise. How many do you do without knowing it?


For those who can do more intensive stretches, there are many options to consider. For those who have more limitations in their physical capabilities, repeating stretches a few times a day can help exercise the body without the intention to get in shape. One way of thinking of better stretching is to move your body along the longest lines you can draw in the air. Simple movements of stretching can tone the body, muscles, and release stress that has built up over time.


Although there is often a step count that most people aim for while walking, the simple movement of walking adds to the daily cardio and calorie burning. Not only is it a simple way to tone the legs and move your muscles, it helps with increasing circulation in your whole body. Whatever tension is there, wherever there is an ache, walking helps to relieve your stress and loosen your body so as to also help you release your tension. Not to mention, movement and pacing yourself regularly is light work out and considered to be the most basic of all exercising.


Don’t laugh until you try this form of “stealth exercising”. Moving the body requires energy and strength to keep it up and keep things moving well. Not only does the kitchen heat up while food is being cooked, the prep work and clean up also adds to the overall workout. Adding on some music to dance to and a beat to keep the spirits high. Not to mention, the action of mixing, moving, and wiping all adds into the physical movements not often performed in a gym. These types of movements work out the entire body, especially the legs and upper back.


Everyone has heard the debate over standing versus sitting and it has resulted in a generation of standing desks starting with the more modern work areas to trickling into other industries. Although standing for prolonged periods of time wasn’t proven to be the best for everyone, standing has more benefits than sitting. The gentle toning of muscles, stretching, and secret healthiness doesn’t reflect too much on how many calories are being burned. It’s simply an alternative to being less sore during the day, allowing clean circulation, and allowing for less strain on your body when it’s folded up while sitting.

Mentality Building

Exercises are known to help build up a stronger mindset and can help with strengthening endurance, overall power, and general health. It’s no secret that whenever our minds are stressed or stuck, our physical bodies reflect it. Which is why light exercise or movement of any kind can help to alleviate stress and raise emotional well-being. There is an undeniable connection from the mind to the body and the body to the mind. This constant conversation between the two is what keeps humans alive and emotionally connected to themselves and the world around them. To physically and mentally move would help release the pressures accumulated in daily life.


Finding a way to be more active in your daily routine is part of living a healthy life. This doesn’t mean you should get out there and start pumping iron, dead lifting, or running miles every day. Instead, it means to find time to move around and be healthy for the sake of your body, mind, and spirit. Being lazy only adds to misery in your life. Take you time in finding simple and slow steps to the ideal lifestyle for yourself. Remember to keep a positive attitude and staying in your comfort zone is not a bad thing. Work hard and you’ll see results within a few weeks!


Texas-born, California raised, optimistic beyond all expectations. Despite many setbacks and unexpected happenings in life, I'm very enthusiastic about living life to the fullest and finding adventure wherever you are and wherever you go. With my ear to the ground and feet in the clouds, I want to encourage and inspire others to break free from their limitations and rise above fear. Life is too short to waste by hiding from opportunities!

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