5 Photo Hacks for Amazing Pictures

Photo Hacks To Amazing Shots

Since most people cannot afford the newest and most advanced equipment for photography, hacks have been discovered and shared like a family secret. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford an artist education on top of making a steady living or working their stable jobs. This is why hacks can give a professional feeling to simple shots that amateurs take. And, sometimes, these images look better or more amazing than those professionals take.

It is important not to lessen the blessing of a formal education. Professionals grow their skill from professional-led trainings, instructed lessons, and learning from research and books. Many buy equipment based on their preferred niche and style that they shoot. But, this is more for amateurs that want to achieve greatness with what they have and can get.

The Glass Effect

Most recently, I noticed people selling glass orbs online because they have the ability to flip an image. This is basic knowledge that is taught in elementary school that most people forget as time goes by. Thankfully, such ideas can help with the overall effect of photography. Prisms and large gems can taint the color of images when placed in front of the lens. And other solid items can add to a vignette that enhances the border or frame of the image. Playing with the depth of field is also enjoyable since most lenses have the ability to rack focus as needed.


From Above

As the selfie generation has taught us, taking images from a higher location can help most people look thinner. However, rising above the norm, the aerial shots add to the overall feeling of the image. Most people who look at them feel ominous or powerful. This affects the impact of the image and can grow a strong following. Playing with the color and contrast helps with manipulating the overall feeling of the image.

These shots can be taken using drones and other flying devices. Some prefer to ask help from those with access to helicopters or offices that are higher up. This can be a fun experience and challenge, but it can grow the passion for trying new things.


On The Ground

For those who don’t want to try going up, another option is taking images from the ground. There is beauty in such shooting because of the huge depth of field that can be explored. By shifting the focus on the lens, most amateurs discover a different style of shooting. Colors change, as well as textures when shooting lower. The shadows taint the world and a natural frame is created regardless of which direction you shoot in. More than that, depending on what is around the camera, a very different world of light and life can be revealed.

Ground Shot

In Motion

Most consider blurs to attribute to a bad image. However, there are times when the blur of color indicates motion that allows for whatever is in focus to pop from the background. This takes a slower shutter speed or moving with the focus of the image to intentionally blur the background and keep the focus clear. It takes careful timing and measuring to work out how to take the image properly. However, when achieved, the photographer gains new knowledge and experience broadening their skill levels and this changes their perspective on what can and cannot limit them.

In Motion

Golden Hour

This elusive time frame only lasts 15 to 30 minutes long despite its name. It happens when the sun hits a specific axis as it rises and sets, which adds a golden glow to the world around us. The beauty and majestic feelings added to the image is only possible by careful and experienced editing. Most of the time, it’s difficult to create the look and feel without the timing being right. However, most people who shoot at the right moment and time are rewarded with a breathtaking and unforgettable image. And such is the rewards of hacking your way through photography.

Golden Hour

There is another common conversation when it comes to taking photos. Many argue that vintage is the way to go, however, more and more are turning to digital cameras to take photos. There have been many arguments and those who are passionate about their point of views. Some art schools still teach on older models, pushing their students to develop in a dark room, but others have promoted the use of digital cameras without bothering to teach about the older ways.

The truth is, whatever you like more will be just fine. As much as photography is about the equipment, whatever you choose and prefer will always work out for you. Try not to overthink what you are doing and remember to do as you are moved to do. There will be mistakes and bumps along the way, but everything is a learning experience and only time will enhance your experience and grow your talent.


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