How to Find the Silver Lining Mindset

how ro find the silver lining midset

It’s the oldest and most well-known questions:

Is the glass half full or empty?

Most people say they’re the ‘glass half full’ type of person but, in reality, it’s the opposite.


In the world we live in today, regardless of who is being asked the question, most people tend to focus on the negatives. The thought of the glass being half full is always there, however, it’s easier to look into the darkness instead of staring down the light.


The idea of finding the silver linings comes from looking at an obstacle that is between you and the light source. There can be multiple which shuts out the light, but the idea of the silver lining comes from the promise that there is the source of light behind the obstacle. And as true as this reality is, the mindset analogy comes for seeing the hope in dark situations and realities.

Seeing the Positive

Being able to see the positivity in all situations faced is incredibly difficult. When feelings of doubt and anger cloud our judgment, it also distorts our perception. Suddenly, there aren’t many clouds between us and the sun, but mountains and immovable objects that have no end. And these emotions grow and swallow us until darkness is we see. But, this is the most important time for us to pivot from these emotions. It’s hard but it can be done and will grow us more.

One example comes from facing bullying at school or at work. It would be easy to let the negative emotions change your thoughts and affect your decisions, but it’s important to face the issues directly and find a solution to ending it. The silver linings mindset would push you to see that the experience, hurt, and fear can only make you stronger and more capable in the future. Instead of enduring it for days without end, you can grow from it and help others in the future. And this type of mindset is what inspires most people today to change and try new things.

Being Honest

Real life problems will always be there but, when trying to see the silver linings in life, there are many reasons we are blinded to them at the beginning of a situation. One of the most common reasons is because we are not being honest with ourselves. It would be like telling everyone that you are a bear instead of a human and then getting hurt when they tell you that you’re not a bear. Refusing to see the silver linings would be continuing to lie to yourself and cling to the idea of being a bear instead of a human. This adds to the needless pain and exponentially drags you into darkness. By lying to yourself about something, it changes a silly situation into a daunting experience. But, when such things happen and you accept the truth about yourself and are honest about who you are, your feelings change and then the silver linings in the situation can be seen. (This bear analogy was the simplest one I could come up with.)

Hope & Pain

Whether it be because of a fight, bad grade, betrayal, or death that brings you into a gloomy situation, the silver linings mindset is a silent encouragement for you to hope when it feels furthest from you. And part of finding hope is accepting what pain that comes with the situation. Most of the adversity we face in life comes with a life lesson of sorts and until we learn it or figure it out, we cannot climb out of the hole we’re in. When you try to run and hide from the pain, you become more desensitized and it changes you in ways that may be very unpleasant for those who love and are around you. Accepting the pain is difficult and it takes a while to heal, but upon choosing to accept and move forward from where you are stuck, hope sets in and the silver linings of the situation can be seen again. It can come from crying all night, binge eating what you don’t even want to eat, or just sitting numbly in a room for an extended length of time. Whatever it takes; accept it and choose to hope so you can move on.


A warning that should be given, but is often not, for those who have the silver linings mindset is that; most people who do not have it or cannot see silver linings will gravitate towards you. It seems unfair, but science has proved this. Another way to see it is that negative people will want to have you in their lives to either spread their negativity or learn from your positivity. Living in gloom, blind from silver linings, is not a healthy way to live. It starts to change the body and personality of the person living in such a way. But, most who can see silver linings want others to be able to, too. And this is why it’s important to learn to see it in all times of life and share it with others.


Texas-born, California raised, optimistic beyond all expectations. Despite many setbacks and unexpected happenings in life, I'm very enthusiastic about living life to the fullest and finding adventure wherever you are and wherever you go. With my ear to the ground and feet in the clouds, I want to encourage and inspire others to break free from their limitations and rise above fear. Life is too short to waste by hiding from opportunities!

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