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Common Foods That Can Clear Your Skin

Clear Skin

Ever feel like your face is a beacon telling those who look at you how healthy you are? Most women and men feel this way because your face is what people see first. Whether it be a first date, a meeting, or an interview, how your face looks adds to your first impression and an overall assessment of the type of lifestyle you live. From the brightness in your eyes to how moisturized and smooth your skin is, the other person will tick off boxes upon noticing your skin. This is a commonly discussed topic amongst skin care columns because it’s unfortunately very true.

Everything you eat affects your body and will be broadcasted on to your skin for all to see. Too much of an oilier type of food can cause a break out of pimples or boils on the skin. Food allergies cause skin rashes or other swellings. Lack of hydration dries out the skin and makes the skin flaky. Overall, personal hygiene is delicate and there is no one answer for everyone. However, paying attention to the foods you eat can make it easier on your body, especially your skin.



  • Most often, people are scared of the ‘plant-based diet’ because they don’t want to give up meat. Which is why most people adopt a partially ‘plant-based’ diet and discover its helpful effects within a few weeks. Living in a culture where meat consumption is amplified, it’s difficult to imagine cutting it out completely. But, by rebalancing your diet to include more vegetables than meat, this small change can deeply increase your healthiness and help you lose weight.
  • Avocados, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, and Bell Peppers are mostly known for having a great effect on clearing skin. Although they have different strengths, they all offer healthy fats and vitamins that boost skin health. Vegetables of this offer good sugars that the body needs to create and store energy. You will find that putting together a healthy snack of veggies can better your mood and tone your body. This is because most vegetables don’t have hormones that your body has to figure out how to handle. Instead, most vegetables go right through you, literally.

Place of protein and vegies

Simple Protein

  • Of all the meats, FISH is the most beneficial to eat for the body. Not the heavily cooked fish, but those lightly fried or baked, where the flavor of the fish isn’t covered by deep seasoning and other spices. Also, Fish Oil is good for the heart across many cultures and even according to health professionals. Fish also has natural oils and not too many hormones, especially the freshly caught ones or well stored.
  • NUTS are a basic but important part of the protein group. They offer many vitamins for the body, natural oils for the skin, and are healthy calories and fats for the body.



  • Teas are known for their great tastes and beautiful colors, but they serve a deeper purpose in the body. Although too much tea means too much caffeine, they are known to clean the body of unwanted oils and excess nutrient that can turn into bad fat, and this clears the skin. Although some cultures drink tea like water, it is still recommended to drink water like water, and tea like a supplement beverage.
  • It is said that milk has been known to cause acne due to the hormones from the cows that survive despite being pasteurized. Some alternatives like Soy and Almond Milk are known to clear skin and are better for the body. These alternatives to milk have been around for a while and continue to spread as more people who are intolerant towards lactose and other dairy products seek these alternatives. These kinds of milk are the rumored to whitening skin, but none of that is real.


Things to Remember:

Eating too much of certain foods can sound great but it can mess with your bowel movements and schedule given their lightness of a meal. Without portion control and maintaining a balanced diet, eating too much of one healthier food can still make you overweight and unhealthy. Thinking of a balanced lifestyle as a pie chart, a balanced diet can give you energy and help you burn fat. An unbalanced diet can offset your balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Being responsible for your diet is part of the lifestyle you keep. Whether your appearance or first impression is more important, or it’s just healthiness you’re pursuing, being careful, smart, and in control of your diet will help the pieces of your life fall into place and clear up any unwanted blemishes on your skin.


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