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What Are Some Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Headache?

What Are Some Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Headache?

A headache can destroy your day. Whatever fun or happy times you were having, the moment a headache takes root and starts to grow, all your emotions and turned upside down. Some people understand how to handle it and others just take pills as a quick fix. But, that just delays the actual issue at hand. As unpleasant as it is, a headache and most body aches are messages from your body letting you know that something isn’t right. Most people turn to medication or pain relievers to set things right again, but there are other more natural ways to try before turning to the fast and easy way.


Many would argue that pain relievers are the natural way to reset your body but that’s just using pharmaceuticals to handle something that may not need it. Searching for a natural solution to any problem often can better set your life without any drastic side effects. Also, by learning to handle situations in this way, you learn things about yourself, your body, and what you prefer over other ways you used to do things or had been taught to do in the past. Finding yourself through your actions, what type of person you are, and how you wish to better yourself, in the long run, comes with time and learning experiences.



Drink More Water & Eat Something Fresh

Sometimes, when the body needs water, it will let you know. One way it can do it is to grant you the gift of a tingly sensation that grows into a monster of a headache if not addressed. Which is why most people drink water or eat something fresh with light natural sugar content like a raw vegetable or fruit. Their water content is high and they add an extra boost that can soothe troublesome heads. Sometimes, not drinking enough water can lead to higher stress which will encourage a headache to grow.


There are some who claim that it’s a sugar low that causes this, but water is more powerful than it gets credit for. Although a sugar low can cause dizziness, it’s usually dehydration that gives the more painful bites in the head. Whether it be warm or cold water, just take a few gulps and take it easy.


Close Your Eyes & Take Deep Breaths

Light is beautiful and illuminates many things to create great masterpieces. And then, light can be harsh and painful to take in. When experiencing a headache, light can be a punch in the face. Unlike most ailments, when experiencing a headache; it’s best to close your eyes, get away from the light, and take long and deep breathes. Adding oxygen to your bloodstream can alleviate some of the pounding pressure felt during this time.


Another nice fact is that blocking out light can soothe your head while taking deep breaths can send you into a light sleep. It is said that sleeping helps to reset your body from fully stressed and tense to alert and relaxed. When people forget to breathe, their body is deprived of oxygen. Although it doesn’t happen consciously, it affects the body nonetheless. A soothing sleep with deep and slow breathing is calming, soothing, and can better your productivity. Some prefer a quick nap, whereas others snooze all day.


Listen To Soothing Sounds

There are a few sounds in the world that comfort people automatically. Everyone might be different, but there have been some studies where sounds of nature have helped reduce stress and other pains. Somehow, it’s always the natural elements that bring about the most inner peace. The sounds of raindrops, the wind causing the leaves to bristle, or maybe the sounds of running waters with distant birds singing. The feeling they give is calming, peaceful, and soothing since most people live where there are noise pollution and plenty of stress-creating things around us.


Some other suggestions are for those with headaches to listen to white noise. As it is with most babies, the sound of white noise soothes them to sleep and helps them remain calm. With bigger and older kids, the idea remains the same. And blocking out other stressful sounds can help with reducing headaches and pains. Some adults prefer classical music and others want music familiar to them. The point is to block out the stressful sounds that help a headache grow.


Most people who experience sudden headaches panic and try to ignore it. Sometimes it will go away but sometimes, it grows and intensifies. Be careful about how you handle your body’s warnings to you. Do what you can and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from other people about what they do and how it helps them. I have, personally, tried all of the above and found them to be helpful. Another one I try often is to press the pressure points on my hands. If all else had failed me, this is another way to combat issues of the body with the body. For some people, it works fast but once the point stops being pressured, the ache comes back.


Try new things and remember to share the information with your friends!


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