Your Inner Voice: How to Listen to Yourself

Your inner voice how to listen to yourself

Our inner voice, the one no one else but ourselves hears in our head, is the most powerful dictator in our lives. That chatterbox is the greatest influence. Those voices are strong indicators of the choices we make.

I believe there are 3 voices in our head:

1.       Negative/Demon: the ruler of our addictions, poor self-worth, and self-destruction

2.       Down to earth: rational, neutral, logical

3.       Change/Forward Thinking: vision, dreamer, what needs to happen in order for future

When hearing these voices, we have to learn when to listen and when to ignore them. Funny that we actually have to differentiate listening to our own advice. The addict tells us more, more, more. The practical might be boring, but sometimes the best choices come from risks we have taken by not being practical. When we want to change, we have to learn to weed out the garbage. Easier said than done and if we had this nailed down, well, our lives would never consist of mistakes that have helped to mold and make us stronger.

We are tested every minute by our choice-making power including what to eat, say, and do. In a world that is almost fully communicating with technology and in a society that wants instant gratification, the voice in our head opts for the most convenient, desirable, choice regardless of consequences. The mind and body can be at odds. There are influences all around including the media, relationships, peers, and the medical industry. Deep down, that gut feeling is the voice I turn to and the honesty of knowing what is the right choice, all emotions aside, tells me what to do when in doubt.

I’m sure you can all relate to these voices. Here are a couple real-world examples…

1.       You have told yourself to have that cookie convincing yourself that, “Oh just one won’t hurt anything” (Negative/Addict).

2.       When out with your friends at happy hour and asked if you want another drink, you say, “Well I still want to have a social life” (Down to earth/Practical).

3.        When the alarm goes off in the morning to wake up, you say, “I can’t hit snooze I have to go workout” (Change/New).

These voices truly indicate that we can be our own best advocates or our own worst enemies. Don’t talk yourself out of change and know that you are worthy of becoming the best version of yourself. The old addict to poor behaviors will put up a good fight. The practical will tell you to just take your time. And the change will give you the purpose to keep going. So TELL yourself to make today ridiculously amazing!

Megan Johnson McCullough is a NASM Master Trainer & Instructor, AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, candidate for her Doctorate in Health & Human Performance, professional natural bodybuilder, she’s a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero, and she owns a fitness studio in Oceanside, CA, called Every BODY’s Fit. Her mission is to help every BODY become the best version of themselves. Her pug, Steve Nash, is the mascot and her assistant at the studio. She is happily married and loves spreading her passion for health, fitness, and wellness through training and writing.

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